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Professional lessons in the comfort of your own home


For Boys, Girls and Adults Worldwide
$ 14


For Boys, Girls and Adults Worldwide
$ 34
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Bring Uri Zutler’s musical expertise right into your home. Easily accessible from anywhere on the globe, these professional videoed lessons feature Uri’s proven techniques in a practical, self-paced format. Join many hundreds of successful students who have mastered the drums with Uri’s unique, play by ear method.


*Please note that each signup entitles one person to take the online lessons. Discounts are available for multiple family members taking the course simultaneously. Please CONTACT US for further details and we will get back to you shortly.

Drum Lessons

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    I realize that the material on the BassLine Pro USB is property of BassLine Productions and I will not share it with anyone including family members without explicit permission from Shmuel Bassman.

    If you decided you need to pause your lessons for any reason the lessons will be removed from your account until you are ready to resume lessons. You can choose the freeze plan for $10 a month. This gives you access to all lessons paid so you can catch up with out getting any new lessons or being billed weekly.

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    Drum Lessons - 15 Lessons For Boys, Girls and Adults Worldwide




    My method is teaching chords and songs. This gets my students playing a song literally from the very first lesson. Along with every lesson, I provide sheets which have songs written out in a way that is clear, easy to learn and will sound professional if followed. I do not teach conventional music notes (called the “staff” with symbols, circles and lines) which take much longer to learn. The idea is for students to use these sheets as a guide to learn the song, which in turn trains their ear to get used to chord patterns and how different types of songs work. This makes the learning process quick and user friendly, unlike the more difficult and time-consuming study of mastering the reading of music notes. By following this method, my students are able to play full songs in a very short time. Students who are more musical may actually start figuring out songs on their own!

    The lessons are geared toward regular guitar. That said, all of the information you learn for regular guitar is used on electric guitar as well, so you are actually learning skills for both at once. I do play and teach electric guitar and it is possible that we will add even more advanced lessons for students who want to take their electric and/or acoustic guitar playing to the max.

    Yes! (See below how you can tell if your guitar is working well enough to use for the lessons.)

    The Lesson duration varies. Sometimes, it can be just a few short minutes. However, some information takes more time to explain and to describe how to do. Some lessons are 10-20 minutes (or more!). I’m really focused on giving over specific material in each lesson rather than the duration of the lesson. The most important thing is the amount of time the student spends practicing over the week. That is where the real growth occurs!

    First of all, if you suspect that your guitar has problems, bring it to a music store to have it looked over. Learning on a bad guitar can be impossible and may make you give up!

    Generally, if you have a working guitar, there is no need to get another one. However, here are some basic “must”s for your guitar:

    1: It must have all 6 strings on it. (NOTE: Strings are easily replaced. You do not need a new guitar just because strings are frayed or snapped. A music store can replace them for you.

    2: The knobs at the end of the guitar which turn to make the strings tighter and looser (called tuning machines) must work (these are also easily repaired/replaced at a music store if need be. But if they charge too much to fix it, you might as well get the guitar I told you about above). 


    Unfortunately not – due to security and ease of sharing the videos are strictly not downloadable. We also have a USB option that does not require any internet connection. Please email music@basslinepro.com for more info.

    You have access to your video lessons only as long as you are a member. It is recommended to print out all your material and keep it organized in a loose-leaf. This you would keep forever (as you would by in person music lessons). If necessary, we can create a freeze plan which gives you access to all your past lessons for a low fee of $10/ month.


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