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Meet Shmuel Bassman

For Shmuel Bassman, music is not just a profession; it’s a calling. It’s the language of the soul. It’s the unique opportunity to be mesame’ach the klal in a most beautiful way. It’s the chance to inspire, to uplift, to change lives.

From his early years, Shmuel’s father led the family in heartfelt niggunim over their piano. As a bachur heading off to yeshivah, Shmuel packed his keyboard, an essential during his time in Eretz Yisrael. Today, Shmuel has blended his extraordinary talent with professional expertise to create a vast musical empire where he can share this incredible gift with the next generation. From private studio recordings, to keyboard lessons that cater to every level, to simcha music that is a notch above, Bassline Productions offers a unique musical experience that truly touches the heart.

“The most gratifying thing for me is seeing a student go from not knowing how to play a thing … to playing beautifully in such a short time.”

Shmuel’s lessons are focused on teaching his unique play-by-ear style. When a boy finishes his lessons, he can play like a pro. In fact, lots of keyboard students of Bassline Productions have gone on to become professional players.

Shmuel Bassman has been playing the keyboard at events country-wide for more than two decades, and he continues to enhance the simcha at weddings, bar mitzvahs, siyumim, and other events with his memorable music and heartfelt singing. Not only is he sought after for his skilled musical expertise and talented vocals, Shmuel is also known for his refined style, integrity, and commitment to Daas Torah. He can accommodate all sorts of events, from small-scale simchos to large corporate productions.

“When someone comes into the studio and sings a song they composed in honor of their child’s bar mitzvah or to thank their parents on the day of their chuppah, it reminds me why I chose this profession,” Shmuel shares. Bassline Productions offers an incredible opportunity to tap into the wonderful world of music. With its wide array of professional and affordable services, there’s something for everyone at Bassline Productions.

Shmuel Bassman’s talented musical expertise and creative focus are opening new vistas of musical opportunities.

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